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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Big Idea :: A la Carte Pricing

Marketers all over the country are "hopping on the bundle train". Their idea is to sell their client's products and services as pre-defined bundles and offer a discount based on quantity. Basically, pick the bundle with more products and services you don’t need and get more products and services you don’t need at a reduced price.

How did product bundles ever become popular in an OnDemand world?

The "A la Carte Pricing" big idea has two parts. The first is to inform your prospective customers about your suite of products and services and give them the education they need to determine what they need and don’t.

The second part is to give them the purchasing power to put together a package that satisfies their short-term (known) needs. When the time is right, they can purchase those add-ins and extras a la carte.

Keep the bundles if you must, but allow your customers to “order off the menu” and they’ll be back to enjoy all you have to offer. That's how we do it at JDM. It's about OnDemand pricing for OnDemand marketing needs.

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