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Friday, August 31, 2007

Big Idea :: Over-Sized Sales Brochures

Aside from ecommerce marketing (posting on that coming soon), marketing can show its greatest value when it directly supports your sales efforts.

Picture yourself arriving at the office of your ideal buyer attempting to secure a few minutes of the decision-maker’s time to hear your proposal. It can be as daunting as it is pride-swallowing. Even if your marketing activities have identified them as an interested and highly qualified buyer, you must still get past the gatekeepers.

The challenge here for marketing is to support your sales efforts without even being there. The Big Idea is for a giant, over-sized sales brochure. This 13"x19" to 24"x36" front and back brochure will be printed in brilliant color and mounted on equal-sized foam board.

I realize it's a little hard to picture yourself walking into that same office with an over-sized brochure under your arm, but consider the advantages:

  • It’s attention grabbing.
    • The whole office will wonder, "what is that?" and "Where did it come from?"
    • Who wouldn’t want to read what someone printed on a giant board?
    • Intrigue is a powerful sales tactic
  • It’s impossible to crumple up and throw away.
    • It’s sized intentionally not to fit in a trash bin
  • It's memorable.
    • Who can forget the salesperson who showed up with that giant brochure?
Let your marketing use a little creativity to set your sales collateral apart from the ordinary and you will invariably set your company apart from the ordinary as well.

For more information or to engage JDM to set your sales collateral apart from the ordinary, visit our website.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Big Idea :: The Price Premium

Price PremiumFor homogeneous products or services, careful consideration should be paid to your pricing strategy. It can often be the turning point for your small business.

As a pricing strategy, a Price Premium is the careful increase of your average price of your products or services. The level of price increase can often be determined by your place in the market. After all, when you ask yourself what something is worth, the answer is, "whatever someone will pay for it."

Besides the obvious potentially increased cash flow, a price premium positions your product or service in the minds of your prospects as superior to less expensive direct competitors. Additionally, it allows you to off-set increasing operating costs and allows you to offer a price discount without impacting traditional sales figures.

At JDM, we recommend finding the increased figure that is not so high as to ward off too many potential customers but high enough that it puts you in a slightly higher class than your average competition.

In order not to lose your current clients, we recommend leaving them at the initial price point, but notifying them of the change. This both elevates the perceived value of your services as well as provides an incentive for them to continue doing business with you.

It seems a little counter-intuitive that increasing the price would actually win you more business rather than less. Take, for example, a homogeneous market like Vodka.

All Vodka is essentially the same, however the price ranges greatly. Some people are so Brand loyal, they will pay outrageous prices for their specific Vodka of choice regardless of price. This is striking to some given that during a blind taste test, very few people actually pick their beloved label by taste alone.

To a marketer, this is exactly what the Price Premium Play is designed to do. It positions the product as "super-premium" with little more than nice-looking packaging and a 500% markup.

Given a homogeneous market, there is little to inform the buyer about which is the superior or inferior product. That is, except for the price.

More marketing strategies from JDM on our website.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Justin Downey Marketing's New “Easy Marketing” Whitepaper Series

Today, JDM has released the long-awaited "Easy Small Business Marketing :: The Objective-Achieving Website" whitepaper.

This whitepaper, the first in our "Easy Marketing" whitepaper series, illustrates clearly the process for identifying marketing activities that directly impact business goals. It also explains the easy way to develop the site into a resource rather than just an advertisement. Finally, and most importantly, it shows how to use low-cost, high-impact activities, such as search engine optimization and search engine marketing, to promote the site to your ideal buyers.

It’s puzzling that entire firms exist to provide SEO and SEM for their clients at a substantial fee. These firms hide behind their "proprietary" and "patented" optimization processes. However, the only thing proprietary or mysterious is why SEO and SEM have become so mysterious.

Contained in this whitepaper is the basis on which all SEO is formed. Often called Organic SEO, this is the basic and most effective strategy to employ as they do not prey on temporary loopholes in search engine algorithms, but rather constrains itself to present to search engine spiders, "This is who we are. This is what we do. This is why we are valuable."

The whitepaper also provides insight into how to develop valuable content for your website so it stands as a resource to your target buyer rather than just an advertisement.

The whitepaper concludes with the top 4 ways to convey your company's position and value in the marketplace.

"Easy Small Business Marketing :: The Objective-Achieving Website" can be downloaded here:

Coming up next in the Easy Marketing whitepaper series:

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Stay tuned to for the latest information and series release dates.

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