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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rebranding is not for Governments

Scottish BagpipesIn September of 2007, the Scottish Executive decided to change its name to The Scottish Government. Apparently, they read too many references like "The Scottish Executive (Scotland’s Government)."

Obviously, naming a legislative authority, "The Scottish Executive" was daft. Attempting to rebrand a government for the sake of a citing symptom is dafter still.

Rebranding is about changing for the better in a relevant way. It's about reconnecting with who you really are as a company, as a Brand and as a group of
talented, passionate people.

The French call it a "retour aux sources" or a return to your source.

For a rebranding to work, it has to come from the inside. Superficial changes won’t work by themselves.

As far as the Scottish go, did you hear the Irish originally gave them the bagpipes? The Scottish never got the joke.

More on JDM’s rebranding in the next special edition of

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is Commercial Skipping via DVR Piracy?

DVR Fast Forward

Marketers all wondered what would happen to traditional TV ads when DVRs finally caught on. The big question was, "Won't everyone fast-forward through the commercials?" This was of course the same question marketers were asking when the first VHS recorders hit the market in the 80's.

In 2003, ReplayTV (a manufacturer of DVRs like TiVo) announced they are stripping the ad skipping feature out of their new DVR models because they are scared of a copyright law controversy. [ReplayTV strips ad skipping in new DVR models]

We asked L. Ray Patterson, Professor of Professional Responsibility at the University of Georgia school of law, to weigh in.

The competitor obeys the copyright; the consumer uses the work. The copyright owner, by reason of the Copyright Act and the copyright clause, has not only no right to interfere, but a duty not to interfere with the consumer's use of a publicly disseminated work.

According to Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House subcommittee overseeing copyright law:

Future FCC regulations involving digital TV should not "have an adverse affect on how consumers may legitimately use lawfully acquired entertainment products." Smith also opposes mandatory copy-protection in pcs, while calling for greater disciplinary action against peer-to-peer pirates at universities. [Legislator warns FCC on digital TV]

Ultimately, this is another concern for the unsophisticated marketer. "The law is on the side of free will. Who knew?" Remarks Justin Downey, owner of marketing firm, JDM, "TV is long overdue for some real innovation. The key to making DVRs and Ad-skipping a non-issue is relevant, targeted marketing communications. We can no longer target an entire demographic and not expect them to turn off or fast-forward."

Edited from by Kevin Heller's article for Tech Law

Thursday, June 5, 2008

IpsumNEWS Volume III Released Tomorrow

The third issue of IpsumNEWS will be available tomorrow at:

Amidst little anticipation, I'm pleased to announce the third edition of IpsumNEWS will be released tomorrow morning.

In this edition of IpsumNEWS ::

In "Creative Excuses", I explore the theme of this edition and in the spirit of creativity, relay some of the most creative excuses heard around JDM HQ offices.

Our featured article, "Da Vinci versus Picasso", delineates (good word) the subtle differences between designers and artists.

Our industry news article explains the controversy around DVRs and ad-skipping. Some say it amounts to piracy. We asked the legal experts.

Finally, Justin Downey Marketing is announcing their intention to announce their rebranding initiative. It's more interesting than you think.

If you're not already a subscriber of IpsumNEWS you can sign up here.

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