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Friday, April 10, 2009

Google Mobile - April Fools

On March 31st at 10-till midnight, Google posted the following on their mobile blog.

Ever had a word on the tip of your tongue but just couldn't remember it? Or perhaps blanked on a person's name in a socially awkward situation? Or even suffered memory deterioration due to ordinary aging or questionable life choices? If so, [Google] Brain Search for mobile may be for you. Using our new CADIE technology, we can now index the content of your brain to make it searchable, thus bringing you aided retrieval of memories.

Nice April Fools joke, but it makes one wonder.

If, today, the world's wisdom (I use that word loosely) is accessible in fractions of seconds and I still can't remember where I left my keys, is all that information all that useful? Perhaps the majority of information searched on the web is more akin to junk food than we might admit.

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  3. This is the most profound and wise thing I’ve received via email in a long, long time. I thought for a couple of days about plagiarizing it, but my conscience won that battle. Instead, I’m spreading it and raising your digital footprint.

    Like the lady said, “You do the next right thing. Then the next.”

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