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Thursday, June 25, 2009

JDM Takes on Its First Intern

With a Bachelor of Business with a specialty in Marketing from Texas Tech University, Brittany Snethkamp joins the JDM team as our first participant in our Director-Level Internship program.

Her varied management, customer relationship and production experience make her a valuable, albeit temporary, addition to the team.

Working directly with JDM’s Managing Director, Brittany will learn about both business management and asset management. Throughout her internship, she will be developing her "Personal Branding" campaign. Stay tuned to for the results of her work.

Learn 5 Things People Don't Know About Brittany Snethkamp on JDM's Team page.

Learn more about JDM's Internship Program.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

David VS Goliath Marketing

Chances are your business is not the market leader. There's good news however. Like the Chicago Cubs, everyone roots for the underdog.

Paul Flowers published his underdog marketing principles in his book, "Underdog Advertising." Just as David toppled Goliath with a well-aimed rock, the disciplines introduced in his book help underdog businesses hit the mark and become the real winners.

Underdog Advertising Core Principles:

  1. Think Outside the Box
  2. Take Risks
  3. Strategy before Execution
  4. Be Contrary
  5. Select Your Battlefield
  6. Focus! Focus! Focus!
  7. Be Consistent
  8. Demonstrate Value
  9. Speed & Surprise
  10. Be Patient
Recently, I sat down with Paul Flowers and discussed how technology and innovation impact the market underdogs. Get the details of our discussion on JDM's website: "Underdog Innovation"

Purchase Paul Flowers’ book, Underdog Advertising, on

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