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Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

Valentines Day Dead CupidLike most holidays, Valentine's Day brings out the worst, most hackneyed and cliche'-ridden marketing programs of the year.

Shame on marketers who want to offer clients a "sweetheart deal" or run a heart-shaped ad with "we love our customers!!!" on the diagonal—note the ever-so-effective triple exclamation marks.

Here's a couple (get it?) Valentine's Day marketing ideas that give cliche' a wide berth.

Marketing Idea :: Be Mine on a Dime

A new bakery sends locals a tiny, heart-shaped box. It contains a single chocolate and a tiny card. The outside copy reads: "Will you be my valentine?" The inside copy reads, "Say yes, I'll give you 15% off any box of chocolates between now and Valentine's Day".

Marketing Idea :: A Call to Tardy Cupids A flower delivery service runs a radio ad on Valentine's Day saying "Okay, so it's Valentine's Day and you've got nothin'. No flowers, no card, no candies - nothin'. Buddy, we're about to save your ." Ad goes on to explain how they have operators standing by, ready to take emergency orders for their "Last Minute Package" - flowers, candy and a nice card with her name and your name pre-printed. Order by 2 PM and receive delivery by 6 PM. This one could be brilliant—albeit logistically tricky.

From all of us at JDM, have a happy, cliche'-free Valentine's day!


  1. Valentine's day is hard not to be corny about! I've often heard businesses need to be more creative than ever in these tough times, thus marketing evolves. And from the examples above, seems like playing on urgency (and a little guilt) helps encourage customer spending.

  2. You nailed it Vanessa!

    Which is more relevant? "Be by company's Valentine" or "My company can help your Valentine's Day out"?


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