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Monday, June 7, 2010

Google TV? Probably Not.

Recently CNN Money, got into it about Google TV. There have been rumors about Google integrating TV and the Web in much the same way Netflix revolutionized movie rentals, but details have been scarce. That is, until now.

At JDM, we see the value in targeted, trackable and relevant advertising principles (finally) being applied to the good old 'boob-tube.' However, we're skeptical. The list of boondoggles is as long as it is prestigious. Microsoft had WebTV. Apple has Apple TV. HP killed a line of smart TVs; its mediaSmart set top boxes haven't done much. Intel announced plans for a Liquid Crystal on Silicon smart TV chip in 2004, only to kill it months later admitting it was a money-loser.

Basically, Silicon Valley + TV dreams = Failure. Why?

Fundamentally, it's because the public doesn't buy TVs to surf the web. They buy them to watch TV. Until this fundamental mindset can shift toward your TV being more of a "media center", any attempt (even by Google) is doomed to fail.

The Good News for Marketers

The good news for marketers is that the technology necessary to finally target, track and make relevant TV ads is finally being developed. With highly targeted (perhaps personalized) marketing messages communicated during relevant programming media buy costs will diminish in much the same way online ads have remained affordable.

The Bottom Line

There's a tremendous marketing opportunity here, but who's going to be the one to shift the status quo? Is it Google? Probably not...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

JDM Closed in Memory of Sian & Bruce

JDM will be closed this Friday, June 4th in memory of two employees who have died in as many weeks. We will be re-opening on Monday, June 7th.

Sian LoganBruce Benesh

Bruce Benesh, former JDM Business Development Director died two weeks ago and Sian Logan, Film, Video and Photography Associate died late last week.

The circumstances are still unclear regarding both deaths, but what is certain is both will be sorely missed. Our most sincere condolences to their friends and family.

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