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Friday, July 23, 2010

Social Media Marketing Tips from OMS

Online Marketing Summit 2010

The 2010 Online Marketing Summit was recently held in Dallas. Take a look at a few of our social media learns from the conference.

Forget "Inbound or Outbound" Marketing Communications

During almost every session, "Forget inbound or outbound" was the mantra. The Big Idea is all about two-way dialogues that are relevant, local and compelling. Delivering your marketing message to the individual—not the demographic. "Personally Engaging + Emotionally Intelligent + Highly Interactive = Dramatic Customer Results," According to Ephor Group's Charles Bedard.

Leverage Web 2.0

Web 2.0, or the ability for users to generate content for you by interacting with your website, is the key for small and large businesses with anything resembling a content marketing strategy. If you're a smaller company, form a "content team" that adheres to an editorial calendar. However, don't expect them to do ALL the work. Leverage user generated content. Case in point, Amazon leverages its user to write most all of its book and product reviews. It would simply be impossible to hire experts to write a review of every book, CD and product.

Develop a Culture that can React Quickly

These days there are countless tools that allow you to monitor social media mentions, trends and analytics, but what can you do with all that real-time data if you can't react quickly and efficiently?

The trick is to develop a culture that allows for quick reactions that can ride a trend wave. Encourage employees to participate (personally) in social media discussions around your business and its activities. If you can weigh in on the trends surrounding your brand in a relevant, value-adding way in real-time, you're already weeks ahead of your competition.

Forget "Web Chat"

There was a time that being able to chat live with sales support staff during the buying decision was the epitome of a modern brand. These days, its reputation as a value adding service is completely shot. According to Patrick Bultema, web chat has "been polluted by call center mentality and over-scripting."

Save your breath–er–fingers.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Has Facebook Jumped the Shark?

Facebook Jumped the Shark

In 2007, MySpace reached critical mass with just 3 million members and the thought began to creep into everyone’s mind that the giant may soon be toppled. After a combination of technical & security fowl-ups and a surge in spam, the giant, indeed fell.

Facebook, fueled by early adopters saw an influx of new users who jumped from the sinking MySpace ship, quickly grew and eventually monetized.

Today, TechCrunch announced that Facebook is approaching 500 million users (100 million more than just 5 months ago).

As even more users flock to Facebook, and the social media site begins to be just as noisy an informer as Twitter, we must ask ourselves:

"Has Facebook Jumped the Shark?"

If so, what might this mean for social media in general?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SugarCRM, How Sweet It Is…

SugarCRM the Cloud is OpenCRM solutions have been broadly recognized and widely implemented as part of any sales-focused organization's sales and marketing strategy. These days, leveraging a CRM solution as a touch-point between sales, marketing and customer service is 21st century marketing 101. The challenge for small businesses or even medium-sized businesses working with ever-tighter budgets is that a CRM initiative can equal a significant increase to their operating overhead.

Enterprise-level solutions like have recognized that they must tier their product, but even the lowest tiers can cost hundreds of dollars per employee, per month. Wouldn't it be great to start off with a CRM solution whose tiers go all the way down to FREE? Meet SugarCRM.

SugarCRM simplifies implementation and adoption by cutting out everything but the tools you really need to develop a marketing engine that streamlines the sales process and quality customer support that keeps lost customer rates to a slow drip.

Sugar's bottom tier (called SugarCRM Community Edition) is 100% free. You simply download a ZIP file and install it on your web server (if that sounds scary, JDM has a CRM service package just for that). If ever you find you outgrow the Community Edition, you can upgrade to one of their other tiers—which are still less expensive than a comparable Salesforce CRM tier.

SugarCRM is used by big names like Coca-Cola, Men's Wearhouse, GoDaddy and thousands of small companies all over the U.S.. Indeed, even JDM uses a customized version we call SugarJDM.

If budgets are tight or the timeframe for rolling out a CRM was yesterday, we highly recommend looking into SugarCRM, but don't let the technical stuff bog you down. That's something JDM can handle.

Learn more about some of the other players in the CRM space in our post: "The State of CRM."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"How to SEO for Bing" SEO Article

Small Bing Logo

JDM has certainly discussed SEO before in articles, white papers and blogs. Nonetheless, the question comes up in conference call after conference call: "How is Bing different in terms of SEO?" To address this question, JDM has just published a new SEO best practice article, "How to SEO for Bing."

Fundamentally, Bing isn't that much different than other search engines. In fact, according to Bing's Principal Group Program Manager, "SEO is still SEO. Bing doesn't change that. Bing's new user interface (UI) design simply adds new opportunities..."

JDM's "How to SEO for Bing" article tackles a few key ways to capitalize on those 'new opportunities' they mention.

Learn more about this and other SEO articles on our Bathroom Reading resource page.

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