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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cornish Time

For those of you that don’t already know this, the southern-most part of England is known a Cornwall and the inhabitants of this very rural part of the country are a breed all their own.  To the Cornish, you see, time is relative to what they would rather be doing.  That is, if you ask a Cornish plumber what time he’s coming by to fix your emergency, he’ll likely respond in earnest, "directly, of course."  "Directly", in Cornish, essentially means, whenever I don’t have something better to do and the pub is closed.

To the Cornish, the hectic work schedule of Americans is proof that we can't do anything in moderation.  To them, we work too much.  We earn too much money and spend far more even than we make.  As a visitor to Cornwall, it’s hard to argue with that logic. 

I've never met a Cornish marketer, but I feel as though one would argue that American businesses focus too much on urgency and not enough on priority.  I can’t tell you the countless hours JDM spends on tangential work that somehow has been assigned unequivocal urgency.

To be clear, if your house is flooding, a Cornish plumber will be there in no time.  If the faucet is dripping a little, you’d be lucky if he’s there within the week.  That’s right; the service provider is dictating priority to the customer! 

So before you call your lawyer, your accountant or your marketing firm to say the sky is falling, remember Cornish time and ask yourself, "Is this really a priority or just perceived urgency."  If it’s the latter, perhaps it’s something we should get to "directly."

Cornwall is an absolutely beautiful part of the UK.  See for yourself in Marea Downey Photography’s "Cornwall Collection."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Social Media Chatter-to-Sales-Lead with Google Realtime

Google RealtimeUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve certainly heard about "Google Instant." What you may not know about is Google’s "Realtime," a new(er) feature that can turn all that brain-bleeding online chatter into useful marketing data that, for the savvy marketer, can translate into uber-relevant sales opportunities.

For the longest time, business executives, sales members and even some marketers have been asking themselves (and me) "how can I turn my social media efforts into profits" and I'm getting pretty tired of hearing about it.  So, let's talk briefly about how to turn all that mind-numbing chatter into sales leads and do it for free using Google's Realtime.

First off, we have to find this undervalued feature.  Go to and enter a search term.  As an example, let’s say you’re a home remodeling company.  Do a search for "New House" with the quotations to filter out the stupid stuff. 

Here you’ll see today’s Facebook updates, tweets, blog posts, etc. from people bragging, complaining and otherwise discussing their new house.  As you run through today’s information and then this month’s and so on, you’ll quickly find numerous opportunities to reach out to prospects (via twitter if it’s a tweet, Facebook if it’s a status update or blog comment if it’s a blog post) to see how your remodeling & renovation business could help.

Whatever the contact medium, the soft-sell is a must, but your contact could not be more relevant or timely!

In reality, using Google Realtime in this way is primitive compared to solutions that can monitor hundreds of key words at once for as little as $500 per month (in the case of MutualMind), but this does, at least, illustrate that all that social media chatter can translate to into a lot more than a necessary evil.  It can translate into a sales contact that is relevant, timely and (hopefully) profitable.

Any chance I’ve put the "how does twitter make me money" stuff to bed?

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